As Rodman Scholars, we are required to take a synthesis design class where we find a client and develop a solution for the client’s problem. I was fortunate enough to work with UVA Orthopedics where they delivered an interesting problem: the lack of innovation in the post-operation elbow brace.

Our team, consisting of four students, worked on this project for the entire semester. We conducted interviews with orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and patients to understand the current problems with the brace. We found that the current brace is bulky, uncomfortable, and restricts the patient’s movement.

Our solution, was completely different. We designed a brace that was lightweight, comfortable, and allowed for a full range of motion. The brace was made of a soft, breathable material that could be easily adjusted to fit the patient’s arm.

UPDATE APRIL 2024: Our design is now patent pending. More details will be shared in the year to come.